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Pharmaceutics 1 Broken Down A study guide to Pharmaceutics 1 with Dr. Dakkuri All answers are potentially wrong until you check them 1
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This…study guide. ..may seem a bit overdone, but after you see one of Dr. Dakkuri’s tests, you might reconsider that. Actually, it’s fairly basic compared to Dr. Dakkuri’s real tests. Many of these questions are word for word from his handout and others are twisted a bit to make you “think” of the answer. Dr. Dakkuri fully expects you to swallow this book whole and be able to regurgitate individual lines and individual words anywhere from it. His tests have 50 questions on them, but each question contains sometimes 5 (or more!) other questions within it. A question like, “Which statements are true: A) B) C) D) E)” means that you have to know 5 things, not one. To me it was like trying to memorize a phone book. I had a real tough time with his style. Others had no problem at all and some even enjoyed him as an instructor. Who knows? Hopefully this will help…someone. It’s certainly not for everyone. Different people have different ways of studying. Maybe you will use this exclusively, or maybe you’ll just use it to see which sections you need to brush up on. Or maybe you’ll throw it in the garbage. Whatever. I suggest that you go through each section you will be tested on a couple times, then a day or so later go through them again and highlight the questions that you get wrong. Then, study those exclusively. This study guide is huge, but if taken just a little bit at a time, it can be helpful. Keep this in mind though: it’s not everything you need . Make sure that you do all the questions at the end of each section in his course pack also. Some of his test questions come directly from those. Realize that he picks the hardest word problems for his tests, not the easy ones. Good luck to you. Work hard from the first day in class. You wouldn’t believe how crappy you can do on the final if you do well on the first couple tests. And when you have 5 finals breathing down your neck, it’s real nice to know you can ignore one and concentrate on another that may be a bit more important to you. If you don’t understand material, go and ask Dr. Dakkuri questions. He has always tried to help when I asked him anything, and that may be all you need. He, and every other instructor, appreciates the idea that you are willing to put out the extra effort to learn more about their specialty. There is absolutely no denying the fact that trying to pass a class has pulled many failing students into the D range—which is passing. Certainly not great, but good enough. P.S. Remember, a student typed this thing up. There will be MISTAKES and OMISSIONS . Make sure what you are studying is correct and in a format that you understand. THEN study it.
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Pharmaceutics_1_Study_Guide - Pharmaceutics 1 Broken Down A...

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