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Property Law and Property Rights

Property Law and Property Rights - a “No commercial use...

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I. Property Law and Property Rights a. Rights of Use b. Rights of Exclusion i. Example of restriction of exclusion: 1. Neighbor wants a dock on your lakefront property 2. You can sell your neighbor an easement (selling of right of exclusion) to transport a boat twice a year c. Right of Disposition d. Exchange of Rights i. Voluntary 1. Lease a. A conveyance that transfers the Rights of Use and Exclusion to a Lessee (buyer of rights) ii. Regulation 1. Government restrictions limiting Rights of Use on property
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Unformatted text preview: a. “No commercial use on this property” 2. How does this affect value? a. Depends on the highest valued use iii. Involuntary 1. Eminent Domain (Condemnation) a. Complete removal of property rights II. Violations of Property Rights a. Trespass i. Physical invasion of an interest in property (Exclusion) b. Nuisance i. Violation of Property Rights that interferes w/ use of said property...
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