Philosophy Mid-Term Spring 08

Philosophy Mid-Term Spring 08 - Pick ONE of the three below...

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Pick ONE of the three below to answer. Your answer should be approximately 3-4 pages according to the style rules in the syllabus (e.g. 12 size font, times new roman, 1.5-2 pt. spacing, etc…). This is due Wednesday, February 20 th . 1) What is the difference between Gaius and Titius and the Conditioners? How does each view the Tao and what do they insist on using in lieu of it? Does what they want to use instead work, why or why not? 2) What does the “conquering of nature” really mean? Is there a point (and what is it) where humanity can go too far in conquering nature? Why does Lewis fear this point -“The conquering of nature is an expression often used to describe the progess of applied science” p67 -3 examples: airplane, wireless (radio), contraceptive. By using these things, are we exercising our power over nature? Gives power to some men who are in control of these things. Contraceptives: future generations are determined by the power of those already in existence, selective breeding? “Mans power over Nature turns out to be a power exercised by some men over other men with Nature as its instrument” pg69 -Man’s power over nature always means one man’s power over another (p 69) and earlier generations having more power than later ones-as earlier generations “control” natural processes and gain more power, they weaken the future generations by pre-ordaining how they should use
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Philosophy Mid-Term Spring 08 - Pick ONE of the three below...

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