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Film Studies FINALS Study Questions - Film Studies FINALS...

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Film Studies FINALS Study Questions: 1. Documentary : Night and Fog In Night and Fog, the director conveys meaning through several documentary conventions. Throughout the film the narration speaks in present tense in the past and speaks in past tense in the present. This conveys a message of how time can not possibly alleviate the atrocities that occurred in the concentration camps. Also, the way the movie is filmed conveys the meaning that beyond the superficial exterior of the camp lays an unforgettable catastrophe. Throughout the film the director shows the exterior of each building then investigates to show this. 2. S&S describes the evolution of documentary film and identifies a few of the major changes in the form. According to S&S, documentaries began as raw footage of any incident or event. This meant that the footage has not been manipulated by the film maker and is more of an objective footage. This changed as footage began to be evaluated and organized into a unified structure. Instead of an invisible director behind the camera, the filmmaker becomes the mediator between the viewer and the event represented by the raw footage. As documentaries evolved, more and more techniques became available to the film makers that allowed them to stress different meanings. Juxtapositions, synchronous sound, voice over narration, commentary, editing, and more became an important part of creating a documentary for filmmakers and continues to do so today. 3. Direct Cinema generally has long takes that make it so the director is not a participant
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Film Studies FINALS Study Questions - Film Studies FINALS...

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