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HW2 - ECE 134 Introductory Field Theory Fall 2007 Reading...

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ECE 134 Introductory Field Theory Fall 2007 1 Reading Assignment: Cheng: Sections 3.7–3.11 Schey: review material as needed Cartoon Guide: Chapters 14-15 Homework #2 Due: Monday 15 October 2007 1) Do problem P.2-32 in Cheng. 2) An infinite tube of radius a carries a surface charge density s ρ [C/m P 2 P ], and is coaxial with the z axis. Using Gauss' law and a convenient coordinate system, find the electric field both inside and outside the tube. Also find the electrostatic potential assuming a zero-reference at ra = . 3) Do problem P.3-7 in Cheng. It is probably easier to first find the potential and compute the field from that. Exploit the symmetry of the problem to simplify things. 4) Do problem P.3-21 in Cheng. 5) Do problem P.3-28 in Cheng. 6) Do problem P.3-35 in Cheng. Assume that the reference potential is zero at infinity. 7) An array of positively-charged ions fills the region between two large conducting plates as shown below. The plates have a cross-sectional area
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