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ECE 134 Introductory Field Theory Fall 2007 Reading Assignment: Cheng: Chapter 5, plus my notes on Conduction and Joule Heating (web site) Cartoon Guide: Chapters 15-16 Schey: review material as needed Homework #4 Due: Monday 29 October 2006 1) Do Problem P.5-8 in Cheng 2) Do Problem P.5-10 in Cheng 3) Do Problem P.5-14 in Cheng 4) Consider the meander-line resistor shown (top view) at right. The device is to be fabricated using an evaporated film of nichrome with 100 cm ρ µ =Ω . Find: w a. The required film thickness in order to achieve a sheet resistance of . 50 / sh r , b. The total resistance of the structure, c. The minimum line width that will keep the current density below a critical value of if the maximum applied voltage is 10 V.
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