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CH_Chem101lab_Analysis of Colas - Analysis of Colas...

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Analysis of Colas Chemistry 101 Laboratory Abstract In this lab our group is charged with analyzing the colas of different rival companies. The major ingredient found in all colas is phosphate so we will be testing the level of phosphate in each of the colas using a spectrometer. We first learned how to use the spectrometer and analyzed the wavelength and color of phosphate and then used this knowledge to test the phosphate in rival colas. We learned that the phosphate concentration in coke is 0.00006M, 0.00002M in Diet coke, and 0.00003M in Dr. Pepper.
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Introduction Our group works for a research lab of a major cola distributor and we have the job of testing the phosphate levels of colas of rival companies. We will be using a spectrometer to analyze the wavelength and absorbance levels of the different phosphate solutions so that we can properly analyze the colas. We did these tests by creating solutions of various concentrations that could be used to investigate the relationship between the absorbance spectrum and the color of each compound. We then determine the relationship between concentration and the quantities of %T and A. This relationship is
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CH_Chem101lab_Analysis of Colas - Analysis of Colas...

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