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Theory Exploration 1 Introduction: A major concern about students having part time jobs is the detrimental effects working can have on their schooling. With approximately half of teenage full-time students in North America working part-time (Krahn, 1991; Steinberg and Dornbusch, 1991), this matter is worth investigating. To further explore this issue, Julian Barling Ph.D., a professor at the Queen's School of Business, and his colleagues, Kimberley-Ann Rogers, and E. Kevin Kelloway, performed a study to thoroughly discover the overall effects part-time employment can have on students. They then recorded their discoveries in the article, "Some Effects of Teenagers' Part-Time Employment: The Quantity and Quality of Work Make the Difference" which was published in the Journal of Organizational Behavior. The initial hypotheses that the study revolves around contains two components: working too many hours is associated with negative effects, but the quality of the job can moderate those effects based on the level of quality of the line of work. From Barling's research he developed a theory of his own based on his results. The aim of the his study is to “investigate the association of both the quantity and quality of work performance and personal functioning” (Barling 1995). He found that that quantity of work had no significant effect on the amount of homework completed, but did have a positive association between class cutting and a negative correlation between grades. The second part of his findings supported the rest of the initial hypothesis and proved that the better the quality of employment, the more the negative effects of part-time work on school performance and personal functioning are decreased. By relating my personal experiences to
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paperredo - Theory Exploration 1 Introduction: A major...

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