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Four divisions in society

Four divisions in society - Airton da Silva Prof Cohen...

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Airton da Silva Prof. Cohen English 101 – 16 11/05/06 Social Welfare How society is classified can be seen in many ways but the way I see it is that there is a bold line that divides it into four sections, which I regard as the fortunate, unfortunate, educated, and uneducated people. Personally, I think that society is always going to be distinguished as these four categories. You see these divisions in your everyday life. When you go to work, to school, or when you go shopping for groceries. While your struggling to make money, your boss is up in his room playing golf. However, while your boss is fortunate enough to hire people to do his job for him and discard golden golf balls each time their used, an unfortunate person has to deal with scarcity. These daily event is what distinguish the different portions of the social order of society. Fortunate people If you look around, you will see what I mean to say. Pay attention to anyone who seems to be getting off through life without having to face scarcity. An example would be someone who is able to live off from their parents’ paid expenses because unlike other people, some of us don’t have the luxury to hit the club every night while daddy funds your expenditures. Even though this is a simple example, it goes to see that fortunate
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people can be found anywhere you look but make sure it is not misunderstood with an educated individual. The person, whom a fortunate person lives off from, is most likely in the educated portion of society because obviously that person has be making enough to pay the bills. But that’s not all, considerably, a person who wins the lottery also should be classified as fortunate because not much effort was necessary for that person to achieve
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Four divisions in society - Airton da Silva Prof Cohen...

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