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English - Essay ( V for Vendetta )

English - Essay ( V for Vendetta ) - Airton da Silva Prof...

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Airton da Silva Prof. Cohen ENG 101 9/19/06 Essay - Movie Dangerous Territory One of the most entertaining movies of the year, V for Vendetta , suddenly became a critical topic of discussion. The opening day to when the majestic movie, V for Vendetta, would be displayed in the movie theatres was indeed one worth being enthusiastic about. It didn’t just show a transcendent and seductive creative storyline, but it went above expectations. The days I had to wait were just unbearable that when a week of waiting was left, my skin began to shiver as my blood made an attempt to rush out of its berth as the excitement augmented. All had been going well until I became distraught with dismay upon hearing bad news. Apparently, after seeing the V for Vendetta , a few discontent critics decided that they should go on television and complain about an inappropriate scene shown in the movie. In a future, overruled by oppression and disdainful treachery, where one cannot oppose the government without taking the risk of being captured and set for a life of torture. A futuristic world, reigned by British forces, where each saunters freely in broad daylight, and takes refuge during the hours of darkness to avoid arrest by the constant sentinels who upholds strict curfews. Living about with their daily lives, a lovely young woman and a masked man disgustedly listen to the same broadcast of an anchorman speaking on TV, unaware of each others existence. As if it wasn’t ironic enough, this scene can surely be seen as a presage to their first meet. Soon after the girl leaves her apartment, she is cornered by a
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bunch of degenerate government officials. But as the tension grows, a masked man wearing a black hat and cape with daggers strapped to his belt, walks into play confronting all the thugs bare handedly. In awed amazement, I watched this scene anxiously as the unknown hero steps into play, displaying his outstanding experience in the martial arts and weapon skills. Though, I have to say, his excellent articulation and comical character skills makes him even more of an ideal hero. He proclaims his speech with utter respect and chivalry, leaving behind a “V” on the wall as his trademark. With teary eyes of joy, I gazed in marvel at the movie screen from his entrance which along with the usual hero scene of “saving a mistress in distress,” he politely introduces himself
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