Comparison between math teacher

Comparison between math teacher - Airton da Silva Prof....

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Airton da Silva Prof. Cohen ENG 101 10/8/2006 Educators in Contrast Every teacher in the school seems to have a different amount of reputation, whether it’s a good one or a bad one. Among the students, no matter what their reputation is, a teacher simply will not be able to get every student’s trust nor will they be able to avoid disdain. I dislike all teachers who seem laid back and are either slow or awful in teaching materials, but fond of all others who prove themselves challenging and worthy. For this reason, two noteworthy teachers known as the toughest teachers in the school were Mr. Tucker and Mrs. Daffy, whom regardless of the different subject they taught, had valuable traits worth comparing and contrasting. She might’ve been a little nuts, but Mrs. Daffy sure knew how to make enemies in school grounds. Mrs. Daffy was a nice teacher, but her work was just too tough for some students to handle. Still, there are always those nerdy students who like to challenge themselves into some torture, specifically the so-called AP students. Now, I wasn’t one of them but it is safe to say they must’ve really liked her as a teacher, just as I did to the same extent. Even though I liked her, I couldn’t help it but to dread, like many others,
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Comparison between math teacher - Airton da Silva Prof....

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