Kodak's shift to digital

Kodak's shift to digital - MIS 301: Session 4 Questions 1....

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M IS 301: Session 4 Questions 1. What economic characteristics enabled Kodak to be highly profitable in the film business? Be specific. Kodak has always been the leading producer in film for amateur, professional, and motion picture uses. Kodak is also the leading producer in silver halide which is used in the printing process of photographs. Kodak dominated the film-imaging industry with their photo printing services and film cameras. Kodak obtained many patents in the film- imaging industry which allowed them to edge any competition. Also, many new market entrants were reluctant to enter the market due to the expensive industry that was already dominated by Kodak. Competition in the market was low, and the advancing film technology allowed Kodak to take over the industry. Kodak had the competitive advantage. 2. Analyze Kodak digital camera business using the Porter’s competitive forces. Competition that Kodak faces include Sony, Canon, Nikon, Olympus, HP. All these companies are competitors in the digital camera market. HP is a competitor in the developing of images as well as digital camera technology. New Market Entrants include companies such Facebook, Snapfish, Flickr, Myspace. These new online image sharing websites have recently entered the market. More and more people are finding it cheaper and faster to share their images on the internet instead of printing out their photos. Kodak also feels competitive pressure from companies such as Sony or Canon in the digital camera market. Kodak tends to attract customers with an interest for digital photography.
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Kodak's shift to digital - MIS 301: Session 4 Questions 1....

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