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Jason P. Haggar Section B Assignment #11 Books Question 1 USCA Popular Names Table- [High Seas Driftnet Fisheries] Found at 16 USCA § 1801 and Pub. L. 102-582, Nov. 2, 1992 USCCAN Pub. L. 102-582 (found on page 4090) Legislative Materials do not include a Senate Report, it does include a house report (page 4090 and 4103), and a Presidential Signing Statement (page 4111) Within the documents published was a subcommittee hearing The North Pacific Ocean became commercially important in the 1980’s particularly for foreign driftnet fleets. The practice of driftnets kills dolphins, whales, turtles, and seabirds. There were tens of thousands of mammals dying and this act was a legislative response. Previous legislation leading up to this act was 1987 Drift Act, Wellington Convention, and Fishery Conservation Amendments. Question 2 Looked in CIS Session Laws but I did not see the year 1957 Looked at McKinney’s Session Laws 1957 Main Table of Contents- Cooperative Education Laws (page 1443) Legislative Memorandum Table of Contents- Cooperative Education Laws (page 2205) After not finding the answer I tried Legislative Annual 1957 Index- Education (pg 155) Turned to the back of the book and looked for Education under Governor Memorandum The stated reason for the amendments were a large increase in school enrollment, an increase in birth rates, and increase in the cost of education. As a response to the growing problems of increased students and higher teacher salaries, the Governor stated that the state needs better utilization of teachers and school resources.
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LexisNexis Question 1 Legal Tab U.S. Congress Legislative Histories I chose US CIS/Index and US CIS Legislative Histories Searched [High and Sea! or Ocean and Driftnet! or Net and Fish!] 43 results- choose 92 CIS PL 102582 which gave me the Public Law reference of 102-582 and a link to more of its legislative history ( 102 P.L. 582; 106 Stat. 4900; 1992 Enacted H.R. 2152; 102 Enacted H.R. 2152 ) This section explained the negative effects of driftnets, the policy of the US government, and resolutions under the UN. Westlaw Question 2 Clicked on Databases NY Directory I started with the databases suggested in the outline but none of them covered 1957 I tried all databases on Westlaw and Lexis that could possibly go back to 1957 I read about legislative databases for NY online but could I not find any that
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ALR #11 - Jason P. Haggar Section B Assignment #11 Books...

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