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AEM 322 Internet Strategies Assignment 1 History of computing, the Internet, and the World Wide Web Most of the information necessary for this quiz is in the video “Nerds 2.0.1” shown in class on Jan 31. You’ll find the other answers on the following websites: Bring your individually compiled answers to class (or to Nancy Trencansky’s office Warren 102 by class time) on Tuesday, Feb 7. Computers and transistors 1. What does “digital” mean? 2. What do vacuum tubes do, and what is their counterpart in modern day computers? 3. For what uses were the early computers created (Zuse’s computer, ABC, ENIAC)? 4. Who said "Only six electronic digital computers would be required to satisfy the computing needs of the entire United States"? Why do you think s/he made this
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Unformatted text preview: statement? The Internet and the WWW 5. What did Sputnik have to do with the Internet? 6. What was the ARPANET? Why was there resistance to it initially? 7. What does packet switching mean? 8. Why was TCP/IP crucial to the growth of the Internet? 9. What is the difference between the World Wide Web and the Internet? 10. Define in your own words the term “social construction.” Explain what it is about the Internet that is socially constructed How time flies… 11. In light of the video (and your own experience), how do you think the Internet of 1998 was different from the Internet of 2008? 12. What were the early “killer apps”? How were they different from the current ones? 13. What was “computer lib” about? Has this vision been fulfilled? 14. Why do you think the original inventors of the Internet didn’t get rich?...
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