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Homework 1 - their minds off of life Football Movies T.V...

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Alexander Calder KPE 344/Abbott Homework Assignment #1 Ike damages Texans’ stadium, Monday’s game iffy By CHRIS DUNCAN, AP Sports Writer REACTION: The damage caused by Ike is devastating without a doubt. Although it pails in comparison to the damage from Katrina. It’s great to see that damages aren’t as costly as to what New Orleans went through, but people shouldn’t forget that Louisiana is still in shambles. There are still people in need of assistance; the government needs to find a way to help everybody. That being said; football is a moral booster. When the Saints returned to New Orleans the city was given a breath of life. The same can be done with Houston. People need things to take
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Unformatted text preview: their minds off of life. Football, Movies, T.V., etc are prime examples of this. If for 3-4 hours out of a day people can think of something other than what’s going wrong, and focus on something right; I believe people can get through adversity faster. These people need help… Even if it’s as little as a care package, every bit helps. You give somebody a meal, or a place to stay, that’s going to help them wake-up the next day and want to start fresh. This storm bringing all of this damage is another obstacle that we as Americans can jump over, and progress forward....
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