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Homework 2 - Alexander Calder KPE 344/Abbott Homework...

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Alexander Calder KPE 344/Abbott Homework Assignment #2 Thigpen congratulates Rodriguez for save record By: AP Sports REACTION: This is a great example of sportsmanship and respect. It wasn’t necessary for Bobby Thigpen to send this letter to Francisco Rodriguez; but he did it anyways. This makes me wonder if when many records are broke the former holder does this each time. For example my Grandfather Silas Skillin was an outstanding Runner here at UMO. Whenever a record he held was broken, the school called him to say what had happened. He made it a point to
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  • Fall '08
  • English-language films, SAVE, Francisco Rodriguez, Bobby Thigpen, 344/Abbott Homework Assignment, Grandfather Silas Skillin

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