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Homework 3 - in a negative light The uncertainty that...

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Alexander Calder KPE 344/Abbott Homework Assignment #3 Lane Kiffin still Raiders coach despite rumors AP Sports REACTION: The fact that this team is not only 2-1, but they have a constant strain of an immature owner is a disgrace to football. Not only are the Oakland Raiders playing with many Rookies, a new coach and fighting adversity at every turn; their owner isn’t man enough to make a decision on his choice of Head coach. Since September 13 th there have been mentions about Kiffin being dismissed from his position. Yet Al Davis, the teams’ owner hasn’t said a thing since then. There has been a break-down in communication between the front office and the Team. I believe that it fully effect the performance of the franchise
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Unformatted text preview: in a negative light. The uncertainty that members of the Raiders have; I can’t imagine. Not know wither the guy who has been in the driver’s seat since the beginning of the season is going to be there on Sunday or not; is stressful to me. A team should be together. Any distractions can take away from the overall performance of the organization. The team itself will always be a shadow of it’s former self as long as Al Davis keeps a death grip on the team. Sure Jamarcus Russell and Darren McFadden are future superstars of the NFL, but without proper coaching they will never bloom. That responsibility falls onto the owner to make proper decisions that will positively affect the team....
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