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Rome - i Etruscan Conquest& Influence(625 ii Greek...

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Rome I. Rome Contributions a. 1000 year Empire b. Spread Greek Culture c. Practical Contributions i. Roman law, roads, concrete structures, aqueducts, arch perfected. d. Efficient administrators e. Romance Language f. Roman Numerals g. Passed on Christianity II. Two Main Periods a. Age of Republic (509-27 BC) b. Age of Empire (27BC – 47AD) III. Geography of Italy a. Mountains b. Rivers IV. Origins of Rome a. Mythical (753 BC) b. Historical (1000 BC)
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Unformatted text preview: i. Etruscan Conquest & Influence (625) ii. Greek Influence (After 750) iii. Expulsion of Etruscans (509 BC) V. Roman Government a. Mixed Balance Government: i. Democracy – Assembly ii. Monarchy – Consuls iii. Aristocracy – Senate b. Two Consuls – Chief Executives – Annual i. Civil & Military Magistrates 1. Imperium c. The Senate i. 300 elderly statement & clan leaders...
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