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Athens I. Founders of Athenian Democracy a. Draco. Codified Laws (621 BC) i. An Aristocracy b. Solon (570’s) i. Abolished debt-slavery ii. Reformed aristocratic gov. 1. Created four classes – based on income. c. Cleisthenes (508 BC) i. Ended regionalism – ten tribes ii. Created council of 500 1. Lot – one year / one term
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Unformatted text preview: iii. Ostracism II. Athenian Democracy by 500 BC (Direct Democracy) a. Assembly – Full & Final Power i. All males over 20 b. Council of Five Hundred – Over 30. i. Proposed Laws to Assembly c. 9 Archons i. Lost Power to Council d. Court System e. How Democratic?...
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