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Smarty_Snacks_PWC_case - IST 420 Fall 2008 Individual Group...

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IST 420, Fall 2008 Individual & Group Case Assignments INDIVIDUAL : 30 points. DUE before class into the dropbox on Oct 7, 2008. GROUP : 20 points. DUE into the dropbox before class on October 9, 2008-09-30 TWO WEEK CALENDAR September 30 Access Tutorial October 2 Case Introduction & Work Period October 7 GROUP work period (you will be provided with the “correct” joined table at the start of class on October 7; You may work in class or elsewhere) October 9 In class presentation & discussion. Chris Okpych from PwC visiting in class. 1. Smarty Snacks Introduction and Overview Context You are a junior associate with PriceWaterhouseCoopers consultancy practice. Your group has recently been working with Smarty Snacks, a health snacks foods company. Recently the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) challenged the company’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO) to assess the effectiveness of the company’s rebate program with vendors. The contracts established with large vendors say that if Smarty Snacks purchases more than $1,000,000 in goods or services in a given year, then it will receive a $50,000 bulk rebate. Of course, CFO Lori Lipid turned to PwC and your group to dig into the data and determine what’s going on with vendors and rebates. As part of your assessment, your team will: Provide information on the largest vendors in the system - 1 -
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Analyze the receipt (or lack) of rebates from vendors Make suggestions for improvements in the vendor tracking process that may lead to increased savings and/or increased rebates. Supply Chain Analysis Smarty Snacks is a Fortune 500 Company that specializes in healthy snack foods. Tow different departments retain information about vendors: Accounts Payable and Vendor Management. The Accounts Payable department is responsible for receiving bills from vendors and for paying them. As part of their process, the Accounts payable department follows the process shown in Appendix 1. The Vendor Management department reviews vendor qualifications and determines which vendors are acceptable. This department follows the process shown in Appendix 2. The two departments are run by different executive managers. Accounts Payable is under the Accounting Manager, while Vendor Management is under the Purchasing Manager. Both the Accounting Manager and the Purchasing Manager believe their individual systems meet their daily operational needs. Recently, the transparency and integration of the data has been put into question by the CFO Lori Lipid who is seeking to get a strategic view into the vendor rebate program. Thus, Ms. Lipid has requested a better understanding of the two systems. PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP Supply Chain Analysis of Smarty Snacks will require analysis using Data Analysis techniques. Using Data Analysis techniques, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP will provide an outside perspective on the data in the Accounts Payable and Vendor Management systems maintained by Smarty Snacks staff.
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