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Group # 9 Team 9 was tasked with evaluating and analyzing the ANGEL course management system. Our team is comprised of four members: Michael Minneman, Joe Salsovic, Matthew Crespo, and Caelen McMillan. In the beginning, all four members brainstormed and developed ideas for enhancements to the ANGEL system. The team then addred pros and cons to the ideas and weeded them down to pick the best two. The two additions to ANGEL that the team decided on was the integration of webmail and ANGEL, and adding an ability to schedule meetings between team members on ANGEL. After these two were chosen, Caelen and Joe each picked one of these, and came up with a scenario for each. Building from the scenarios, they developed storyboards that illustrated each of the scenarios. They wrote up the sections of the report that pertained to the corresponding sections. Michael Minneman researched the entire process from start to finish, and wrote the introduction and conclusion to the paper, while Matthew detailed the functional requirements of each of the additions. Section 2 A. ANGEL X will include two fundamental functionalities, enabling a user to access webmail and a course management system (CMS) through the same log in interface. It is important that when a user switches between the CMS and webmail via a tab or link, the user does not lose their CMS or webmail location. The user has the ability to define which tab opens first automatically upon log in. The CMS functionality of ANGEL X may remain very similar to the current design of ANGEL; however, the major difference will be that the webmail functionality of ANGEL X will be aligned with course and group registration. Therefore, a user's webmail design will change according to their current semester, or the courses and groups that they are presently registered in. The webmail component of ANGEL X will have a left pane. The left pane will be divided into three categories: General, Courses, Groups.
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Document - Group # 9 Team 9 was tasked with evaluating and...

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