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ARH 303 Professor Rather Fall 2006 Essay Questions (without slides) for Second Exam Below are two possible essay questions for the exam on Thursday, December 7. Only one question will appear on the exam. Since you will not have a choice, be sure to prepare each with equal care. In so doing, you may use your class notes, packet of readings, and any of the recommended textbooks, but you should not collaborate with others. When selecting works that will figure prominently in your essay, you will naturally rely on those discussed in class (whether in DASE or not); however, you may introduce a single example that we did not discuss but which you have read about in Stokstad, Janson, or Gardner. You cannot use your notes during the exam. Preparing for this essay and making good choices will probably draw you into detail, but when writing the essay in class, you should not expend your limited time in excessive description of the works selected. Instead, use them to develop an argument, and be
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