BIO 311C Exam1 KEY - Name ______________________________...

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Unformatted text preview: Name ______________________________ BIO 311C Exam 1 Multiple Choice (2 points each). Carefully read each question/statement and choose the best response. Write your answer on the line provided. 1. ______ Which of the following atoms has the same number of valence electrons as carbon ( 6 C)? 14 Si 2. ______ Which of the following molecules is the most likely to exist? 3. ______ How many grams of CH 3 COOH would be required to make 2 L of a 2 M solution? (Atomic masses: C = 12, H = 1, O = 16) 240 4. ______ The pH of a solution changed from 6 to 3. The solution: now contains 1000 times as many H + ions. 5. ______ Which of the following is true regarding salts. Their bonds break when placed in aqueous solutions. 6. ______ The structural feature of DNA that is most important in its replication is the complementary pairing of the nitrogenous bases. 7. ______ Saturated fatty acids have a higher ratio of hydrogen to carbon than do unsaturated fatty acids . 8. ______ Which of the following suggests that the Archaea are more similar to the Eukarya? Presence of histones. 9. ______ What would be an expected consequence of changing one amino acid in a particular protein? a. The primary structure would be changed. b. The tertiary structure would be changed. c. The biological activity of the protein would be altered. d. (a) and (b) are both correct. e. ( a), (b), and (c) are all correct. 10. ______ If two aldohexose (a hexose that contains an aldehyde) molecules react to form one disaccharide molecule, how many hydrogen atoms does the disaccharide molecule have? 22 11. ______ Choose the statement that best explains why fats are typically found as solids at room temperature. They contain no double bonds. 12. ______ Which of the following molecules contains only nonpolar covalent bonds? CH 4 13. ______ Which of the following includes two parts of the endomembrane system that are connected only by vesicles? Golgi and lysosome. 14. ______ Based on the properties of their side chains, where would you expect to find tyrosine and methionine on a protein in an aqueous solution? Methionine would likely be on the interior, tyrosine on the exterior. 15. ______ A monosaccharide in its linear form always contains which two functional groups?...
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BIO 311C Exam1 KEY - Name ______________________________...

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