311C Exam3 KEY - Name_KEY BIO 311C Exam 3*You MUST write...

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Name ___________ KEY _____ BIO 311C Exam 3 *****You MUST write your name on all pages of the exam. Points will be deducted if you do not !!***** Multiple Choice (2 points each). Carefully read each question/statement and choose the best response. Write your answer on the line provided. Points will be deducted if you do not clearly write your choice on the line ! 1. ______ During translation elongation, codon-anticodon recognition occurs in this site. A site. 2. ______ Individuals with the disorder xeroderma pigmentosum are hypersensitive to sunlight because their cells have an impaired ability to repair DNA damage. This most likely results from a mutation in which of the following: Nuclease. 3. ______ Control elements can be bound by specific transcription factors to regulate eukaryotic transcription 4. ______ Differential gene expression is best described as: Different cells in the same organism expressing different genes . 5. ______In the thylakoid membranes, what is the main role of the pigment molecules in the light-harvesting complexes? Harvest photons and transfer light energy to the reaction-center chlorophyll 6. ______ Which of the following best describes telomeres? Repetitive stretches of DNA found at the end of linear chromosomes. 7. ______Which of the following is true for both prokaryotic and eukaryotic gene expression? Translation occurs in the N-terminal C-terminal direction. 8. ______A codon may code for the same amino acid as another codon. 9. ______A DNA sequence was mutated from 3' - AGA GAG AGA GAG - 5' to 3' – AGA GAG AAA GAG - 5'. This is an example of which type of mutation? Base-pair substitution . 10. ______ What is the primary function of the Calvin cycle? Synthesize simple sugars from carbon dioxide. 11. ______The end of transcription is signaled by the _____________ in prokaryotes and the _______________ in eukaryotes. terminator sequence; polyadenylation signal.
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12. ______A space probe returns with a culture of a microorganism found on a distant planet. Analysis shows that it is a carbon-based life-form (!) that contains DNA. You grow the cells in 15 N medium for several generations and then transfer them to 14 N medium for one generation (division). Which of the following patterns would you expect to see if the DNA was replicated in a conservative manner? B 13. ______Which of the following is the most likely to be transcribed in a eukaryotic cell? Regions of chromatin with acetylated histones.
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311C Exam3 KEY - Name_KEY BIO 311C Exam 3*You MUST write...

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