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Chapter 12 Homework-1 - Chapter 12 Homework Security...

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Chapter 12 Homework – Security Safeguards The purpose of this homework assignment is to secure your computer. You will be directed to several websites which contain step-by-step instructions for Vista, Windows XP and MAC operating systems. Perform each of the steps for your operating system and then go to the class website and enter your answers in the appropriate web page accessed from the Homework section of the website. If you already have an equivalent or better safeguard in place, you do not need to overwrite it with the corresponding safeguard below. You may notice that some of these steps have already been performed for you by the VTNet CD you received at orientation. If you choose not to complete one of the recommendations below, you will have an opportunity to explain why when you answer questions about this homework assignment in Blackboard. Again, you don’t need to follow my recommendations, but you do need to know how your computer is secured. Answering that someone else has setup your security is not sufficient; you need to tell me what configuration that person chose for you. If you don’t know, find out from that person. Detailed Instructions: Go to Follow the instructions at the above URL to: Setup a firewall (The VTNet CD automatically performs this step. MAC users
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Chapter 12 Homework-1 - Chapter 12 Homework Security...

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