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African Film Voices of the Forest The National Geographic African Film Voices of the Forest , is a vivid portrayal of the culture of the Cameroon and Baka people. It does a fantastic job at depicting the theme that the rainforest affects so many people in so many different kinds of ways. This particular stretch of rainforest that lies in Cameroon and in Central Africa is the size of Mexico. In the rainforest, seven inches of rain can fall in an hour. Cameroon is the wettest place in Africa. The film is successful at showing some fantastic images of the rainforest. In the rainforest nothing is wasted . An area the size of football field could contain 40,000 different spieces of insects The film shows a Colubus (a monkey type animal) which engages in specialized eating, which must eat 1/3 of its body weight in leaves each day. The film portrays many different kinds of animals and plants. It explains how apes must memorize where and when food can be found over great distances of land in the rainforest. Thus, apes must need eight years of parental care. Yet, as the movie explains plants and animals are not the only living things in the forests. The film does a great job of portaying the Baka people. It depicts them in their natural ways. One shows a baka person cutting leaves. Originally, they were semi-nomadic and would live across huge territories. They used to make temporary shelters and hunt and gather for food. However, the Cameroon government encouraged the Baka people to move out of the forest in 1960 so they would get school, trading, etc. Thus, they now have a permanent village on the edge of the forest. However, the Baka people still partake in many of the same traditions as before. For example, the film shows the Baka people doing a traditional water dance in which they splash to a certain beat. For example, a group of men will hunt away from home and make temporary shelters until they make a kill for the village. They can only afford one bullet, so they must connect with their shot. The Baka people will hunt any animals
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african film notes - African Film Voices of the Forest The...

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