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310 notes - -mostly entertaining not to be taken too...

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310 Notes-1/09/08 Robert Rosenthal- Journalist who went into Africa -Was captured, and tortured -Reported on Keballa Rosie -talked about the end of print journalism-newpapers Laurence O’Donnel -had a position in the Senate -was a screenwriter -worked for senate campaign in NY during writer’s guild strike -wrote for the TV show the West Wing
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Unformatted text preview: -mostly entertaining, not to be taken too literally-Fox at its peak has 2 million viewers-majority of right wing programming-MSNB used to follow that same style-but found there is an audience for the Left-then took a hard turn (counterprogramming) Left-“need to have an opinion and it has to be quick”...
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  • Fall '07
  • Scheer
  • Left-wing politics, Robert Rosenthal- Journalist, print journalism-newpapers Laurence, right wing programming

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