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310 notes.-Wag the Dog

310 notes.-Wag the Dog - 310 notes Wag the Dog movie Larry...

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310 notes- 9/30/08 Wag the Dog movie: Larry Bindhart: -Wrote the book that the movie was based on -Read two horrible mysteries and knew he couldn’t worry that he wouldn’t be able to sell any books because he could write better than ones he bought -steal phrases: think what that other author would be doing -saw Gulf War and the first President Bush and saw opportunity to write the book for Wag the Dog -Saddam asked to invade Kuwait, we said ok -Gulf War 2: -ex: “La cops went in someones house looking for weapons. Couldn’t find any, so they shot him” -same thing happened in Iraq -Sometimes you just want win, than you don’t care -How much news is in a press release 70-80% -The news chooses what you get to see Bob- Questioned the class about how much we actually know/believe what’s going on. -said that the movie is so scary because it shows how easy we can be manipulated. -Salvation Blvd-Larry’s new book -hard to believe in groups of informed voters -based on fixed loyalties Usually 3/7 in play as voting -Sometimes one candidate did something for them and that’s why a voter voted a certain way -“buying into the fog is universal” Bob- blogs empowered the voters of the Bailout Plan…able to see the actual flaws in the plan -internet has given us tremendous insight
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