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Comm 310- 9/23/08 First Guest Speaker- Talked about minorities and homosexuals in the media -as sidekicks who sacrifice themselves -usually have to redeem themselves through acts of heroism (taking the bullet) -Victims of ridicule- the brunt of a joke -as the villain -1950’s homosexuality is a crime in the US and other countries-jobs are stake -thought of as an illness and is considered a sin The Homosexual Video -speech to young students warning kids stay away from gays -they would be punished -they said it was contagious -39% men are homo In reality only 10% are homo
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Unformatted text preview: -1980s election-Ronald Reagan begins the Rightwing movement-AIDS coincides with the movement-AIDS become tied with gays- Exposed many because of the death toll-Rock Hudson never came out but rumors were confirmed because of AIDS-Debates of the 90s was centered whether gays can become a part of central institutions such as military, boyscouts-Eagle scout came out and was booted, sued, and lost because boy scouts are a private entity-Prop 6 made it illegal to teach if you were gay-Reagan was against it...
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