Euro History Final Review

Euro History Final Review - Jean Baptiste...

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Jean Baptiste Colbert—(1619-1683) Louis XIV’s (r. 1643-1715) minister of finance (1665-83); part of the line of 17 th century ministers who built royal strength (Henry IV, Richilieu, Mazarin, and Louis VIV); mercantilist goal of turning France into a self- sufficient economic unit: raised import tax and promoted French industries, overseas plantations grew (New France); sponsored Academie des Sciences and hoped for technological improvements; -Partitions of Poland—Prussia, Russia, and Austria divided it, representing the new power in the East; 1772, 1793, 1795; succeeded in consolidating their political system (absolutism); Poland had a Diet made up of nobility and some politicians and failed to consolidate the state, no centralized power and so was divided; Joseph II of Austria—(r. 1780-1790) Holy Roman Emperor; continued the work of Maria Theresa (r 1740-1780) before him of the Raab System [cash payment for work, land divided] and making the peasants more powerful turn them into small land owners; 1781 abolished serfdom and peasants have the right to leave the land and nobles must face law; Prussian General Code (1791) rights of man arise from birth and estate; bureaucracy gained power; absolutist control; most don't like the changes so next ruler reverses it; Frederick the Great (r 1740-1786) is a wholehearted servant of the state; complete dominance of the nobility; -Physiocrats—economists who advocated a free market based in agriculture-mainly grain; France is the center of bread eating; bad famine in 1787/88; for Parisians the social contract based on king’s ability to bring white bread to Paris (called the King the baker); King couldn't bring bread because of large debt so had to call Estates General
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Euro History Final Review - Jean Baptiste...

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