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ISB Notes Overview MAKE AN APPOINTMENT 4 ANGEL WEBSITE !!! Proffesor Taggart, Home Office: 206 Nat Sci building; phone: 355-4626; ; MAKE AN APPOINTMENT. Course Website: 3 exams total in this class, all worth 100 points. Themes: 1. What is Science and how does it work? 2. Some basics about evolution. 3. The Geological Time Scale. 4. A trip through time and space. The Origin of Science Human beings personify machines, etc. in order to help better understand and be more accessible to the complexities of the world. “Magical Systems” attempt to model how the world works to gain a measure of security or control. They are levels of understanding or mastery of the system. Some ppl. Have a better understanding of the system. Some components cannot be understood. When fully developed, they are rational and self-validating. A New Model for the Universe(8/29/07) The universe is machine-like, being made up of parts that relate to one another according to laws or principles. There is nothing about the machine that is beyond human comprehension. This point is very different from previous human beliefs of the universe. The principles that govern the machine are unchanging. These three principles were thought of by the Greeks. They are the basis for the model we base the universe on today. The tool for understanding these principles and completing these tasks is HUMAN REASONING, which is governed and restrained by a set of rules for the proper application of reason. (Systematic Logic)
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Where to start for the Greeks? Axioms- Simple, self-evident statements that are beyond dispute. o The method behind this: Start with one or more axioms Use logical reasoning to prove or demonstrate a more complex solution The more complex statement can then be used as if it were an axiom with respect to deriving new insights. Axioms developed by the Greeks: The earth is a sphere, earth is tilted relative to sun 23.5 degrees. Romans were not as philosophical as Greeks. The Renaissance Before the renaissance, the Middle East was the most civilized culture in the Medieval Period. Sir Francis Bacon Galileo Galilei- Relationship between books and literacy, Rediscovered classic works, Applied common sense with his observations Johannes Guttenberg - Invented movable type printing press. Natural Philosophy Reject the use of axioms All statements/ideas are provisional or hypothesis Hypotheses are then tested by observation of nature Based on the test, the hypothesis is either a. rejected or b. modified and/or retained. If your hypothesis is wrong, it is rejected and done with, but if you observe the correct hypothesis it doesn’t necessarily mean that your observation is correct for all of the same observations. Galileo and falling bodies; challenged Aristotle’s axiom of light things falling slowly, fast
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ISB notes exam 1 - ISB Notes Overview MAKE AN APPOINTMENT 4...

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