comm301101 - REVIEW scale>measureintensity (indexdoesn't)

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REVIEW scale-->measure intensity (index doesn't) subscales, and more dimensions. ..??? try to see which dimensions are important and which are not; try to keep it simple Types of surveys 1) Cross sectional 2) Longitudinal (trend, cohort, panel) -attrition and maturation affect PANEL Operational definitions defines construct. .. Random Sampling vs. Random Assignment -random sampling takes small number and has them answer the questions; everyone has same probability of being chosen; reflects characteristics of the general population (works if there are ALOT of people, but experiments cannot observe these many people usually. ..) figuring out how black and mexican newspapers portray mexicans and blacks respectively. ..probably should use Content Analysis Unit of Analysis (seen everywhere) vs. Unit of observation (usually dealing with Content Analysis) LECTURE How do we figure out if we're doing a decent job of measuring what we say we're measuring? -Precision (don't forget the law of parsimony) vs. Accuracy
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comm301101 - REVIEW scale>measureintensity (indexdoesn't)

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