comm206107 - develop *Subculture marginalized by mainstream...

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Robin Kelley -Resistance can come in everyday practices -McDonald's example -How they fought wasn't really an issue -It was WHAT they fought for. .. Defining politics -look at the margins of struggle -Youtube: what does it mean for politics? For resistance? ~"Don't Vote" video-point is to get you to think critically about your role/obligation as a citizen. ~Adbusters: form of resistance; using irony, sarcasm to get us to think critically about the advertising industry. *Culture jamming. .. *mass organized protest is NOT the only form of politics. -Dove photoshop ad Culture as a process -Culture is a process -Not a fixed set of practices or interpretations -it is fluid and he result of interaction -culture rarely stays in the same place, either as consumerist or resistance Subculture and politics -Social classification -How individual actors respond to classification -Cohen, Stallybrass, and White argue that cultural change happens when subcultures
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Unformatted text preview: develop *Subculture marginalized by mainstream culture. ..form of social classification i.e. Emo's: how i like to dress, how i like to self-id. ..everything i do is classified as weird, wrong, abnormal, different by mainstream culture Albert Cohen-Defines subculture as. .. Subcultures and the other-The "sub" at start of subculture implies tat these groups are under the larger culture, "subordinate, subaltern, or subterranean"-members of subcultures are distinguished as "Other" (like Said)-Perhaps most importantly, subcultures are labeled as such-At core of subculture is feeling that we are different from norm but also that we want to be seen for our difference Albert Cohen-Criminologist-Linked at juvenile delinquency, located two basic ideologies 1) status frustration 2) reaction formation *do subcultures actually REAFFIRM dominant culture?...
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comm206107 - develop *Subculture marginalized by mainstream...

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