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Family Member Monologue Ryan Rabin A Very Short Story About My Grandfather Godfrey Rabin and His First Time Bathing Me as a Baby “No man!! Come on Trevor move out the way I’m going to do it…. Yes yes I KNOW I KNOW, just give me the sponge and all the preparatory necessities and I will do the rest. Trevor I promise you I’ll give you a smack if you don’t’ get out and let me wash my new grandson! YEES YES I’m fine. Thank you.” “Alright my little boy, into the basin we go!! You look just like I do now my boy, just
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Unformatted text preview: a bit smaller eh? When you’re old enough, I might teach you to play chess if I’m still around, how does that sound Ry-nieeee????!?!” Suddenly, a stream of urination explodes from my special place, and starts landing square in the middle of the prestigious Godfrey Rabin’s face. “Aghhhhhh, Ohhhh, shit, fuck, TREVOR!!! Come help!! No man, he PISSED in my face. Ahhhh no Ryannnnnn…. Yah Trevor don’t laugh hey its not funny!! Yah I’m done come finish washing I need a bath!!”...
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  • Fall '07
  • Dashiell-Sparks
  • English-language films, Trevor, Godfrey Rabin, Grandfather Godfrey Rabin, Monologue Ryan Rabin, prestigious Godfrey Rabin

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