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ISS 225 Review sheet 3 - ISS 225 Review Sheet for Third...

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ISS 225: Review Sheet for Third Exam Elections What is the difference between apportionment and reapportionment? – apportionment: changing house seats based on population shifts. Reapportionment: after a census, house seats are reorganized Where has the population of the US shifted? - south what is redistricting? – redrawing district lines What are multimember districts? – same voters elect more than one rep. to serve multiple districts. Not fair to minorities What was the problem with unequal district size? – districts with smaller numbers have more power per person What did Colgrove v. Green, (1946) rule? – apportionment is political and reserved for congress What did Baker v. Carr (1962) rule? – overturned this statement What did Wesberry v. Sanders (1964) rule? – unequal district size violated “one person, one vote” principle. What did Reynold v. Sims (1964) rule? – applied this rule to states What is gerrymandering? – redrawing district lines in favor of one political group What are majority-minority districts? What are the characteristics of people who vote the most? – old, wealthy people, white, Why do young people only vote at a rate of around 50? Voter apathy, one vote doesn’t do anything What is the motor voter bill? Allow registration to vote while applying for licensce What is the difference between legislative caucuses, conventions, and direct primaries. Legislative caucuses – not used today. Conventions – delegates from various states assemble to elect candidates for president and vice president. Direct primaries – voters choose nominees for office. What is the difference between closed and open primaries? Closed: only party members can vote in the primaries and Open primary is the opposite. Difference between caucus method and state presidential primaries?
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ISS 225 Review sheet 3 - ISS 225 Review Sheet for Third...

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