Normalization Period

Normalization Period - didn’t exist-1969 – Jan Palach o...

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Normalization Period - Russian troops maneuvering to Prague in 1968 21 August - Prague Spring, relative political and cultural reform, trying to reform the socialist and communist party within the party - Soviet Union couldn’t let satellite nations change their policies - Hungary uprising of ’56 - Lasted a week, Russians in Czechoslovakia - Czech leadership forced to sign things to suppress counter-revolutionaries that
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Unformatted text preview: didn’t exist-1969 – Jan Palach o Set himself on fire-Charter 77 o Intellectuals sign a letter to Helsinki human rights committee o Some of them died after interrogation, and were persecuted, sent abroad-17 th November, commemoritave day to remember the guy shot by Nazis when Nazi’s closed university o Communist interfered a bit o Week later, same march...
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