SP 1.3 Telephone Conversation 10-15

SP 1.3 Telephone Conversation 10-15 - Singh 1 Ryan Singh...

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Singh 1 Ryan Singh Prof. Brian Gutierrez English 131 15 October 2008 Telephone Conversation: Unraveled Wole Soyinka’s poem “Telephone Conversation” not only provides the reader with an in- depth look at the relationship between Africans and the English back in the 1930’s, but also provides the reader with a small glance at the “contact zone” that is racism in Europe during this time period. Contact zones, as defined by Mary Louis Pratt in her article “Arts of the Contact Zone”, are “social spaces where cultures meet, clash, and grapple with each other…” (Pratt 509) The clash between the two cultures, in this case, being Africans and English people, can be seen throughout the text, and allows the readers to get a sense of how Africans felt in these types of situations back in the 1930’s, and how they were treated by the English. Another reason this text is important is because throughout the text it is clear that the author is not only speaking of the contact zone that exists, but also speaking from the contact zone. The author of the poem, Wole Soyinka, is considered to be what David Bartholomae calls in his article “Inventing the University”, an insider to the contact zone. Soyinka has experience in both cultures that are clashing in the poem’s contact zone, African and English. Growing up and going to school in Nigeria provided Soyinka key insight into the African culture and
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SP 1.3 Telephone Conversation 10-15 - Singh 1 Ryan Singh...

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