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the contact zone short paper 1.2 - Singh 1 Ryan Singh Prof....

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Singh 1 Ryan Singh Prof. Brian Gutierrez English 131 8 October 2008 Classroom Contact Zone Mary Louis Pratt discusses an issue that has been a cornerstone of student learning for years past, and will be for years to come. I speak of course, of the “contact zone” that Pratt wrote about throughout her article “Arts of the Contact Zone”. Pratt uses an anecdote involving her son at the beginning of the anecdote to try and express the necessity for contact zones, as well as convey her point that contact zones aren’t brought up in school enough, therefore hindering children’s academic growth in school. Pratt defines a contact zone as “social spaces where cultures meet, clash, and grapple with each other, often in contexts of highly asymmetrical relations of power…” (Pratt 509) These contact zones are pivotal to student learning because they allow the student to explore the boundaries of social issues and learn about them. She expresses concern to the members of the MLA about the lack of contact zones, and uses the anecdote about her son having to enter a learning contact zone of social issues via baseball cards, rather than the classroom. The best way to incorporate these necesarry contact zones in the classroom is the everlasting art of writing stories as well as storytelling. Storytelling/writing is one of the most basic, yet complicated and creative forms of vernacular expression in today’s society. If students are allowed to write stories about certain social issues, everybody else in the class can immerse themselves in the storyteller’s thoughts
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the contact zone short paper 1.2 - Singh 1 Ryan Singh Prof....

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