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Iss 225 Class Outline 10% of your grade accounts for attendance No final option. Get 90% average on all 4 regular exams and get decent attendance. Final grade is based on highest two exam scores and final if final needs to be taken. The Constitution The laws in the constitution are said to override all other laws of the land. Ideals behind the Constitution: I. Restrict the power of authority II. Aristotle was the first man to make a distinction between law and constitutional law. A. Said Gov’t should be a mix of all different types of gov’ts. (i.e. monarchy, democracy, etc.) B. US gov’t is ruled in many different ways, much like Aristotle’s ideal gov’t. We are a republic, not a democracy; different parts of gov’t are run in different ways. Magna Carta (1215) - Must have due process of law (i.e. trial instead of king’s ultimate judgment). In the fifth amendment of the US constitution. When the US broke away from England in 1787, they rejected a lot of England’s gov’t, but kept their idea of parliament. The US Constitution is the world’s oldest constitution. It is relatively short (about 10 pages) compared to other constitutions. Since the language is so broad and the text is so outdated, we have lawyers and constitutional scholars who try and interpret this document to benefit themselves. The Beginnings of American Government Limited Government – A gov’t where strict limits are placed on it by a const. Representative Government – The people elect individuals to help us make governmental decisions.
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The Continental Congress – 1 st Congress made in 1774, didn’t work out so well but it was merely a rough draft. 2 nd Congress of 1775 – Established George Washington as Commander in Chief, established national army. 1781 – Following the creation of the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation came into government as an early form of the Constitution. Gave the federal government too much power. Ultimately though, the federal gov’t was too weak because the state gov’ts would not obey their laws and accords. Chaos ensued among the states. Three things really stood out to point out the federal gov’ts weaknesses. 1. Shays Rebellion (farmers fought over heavy taxes). 2. Bickering amongst states over taxes. 3. States began coining their own money. 3 possible plans to change the government: 1. The Virginia Plan called for bicameral legislature, meaning two houses were formed, the lower house (chosen by the people), and the upper house (chosen by the lower house). The number of representatives for the legislature was proportional to population. The national executive branch and judicial branch would be chosen by the legislature. Benefited large states. 2.
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Iss 225 - Iss 225 Class Outline 10 of your grade accounts...

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