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PHYS 2212-Sections P and Q, Test 1, February 5,20 Name (print) CIRCLE ONE: SECTION P (Gole) SECTION Q (Goldman) Instructions • Read all problems carefully before attempting to solve them. • Your work must be legible, and the organization must be clear. • You must show all work, Including correct vector notation. • Correct answers without adequate explanation will be counted wrong. • Incorrect work or explanations mixed In with correct work will be counted wrong. Cross out anything you don't want us to readl • Make explanations correct but brief. Don't write a lot of prose. • Include dlagramsl a·b (8x 10- 3 )(5 x 10 6 ) • Show what goes Into a calculation, not Just the final number, e.g.: - - 5 4 - 5 X 10 4 c·d (2xlO- )(4x10 ) • Give standard SI units with your results. Unless specifically asked to derive a reSUlt, you may start from the formulas given on the formula sheet, Including equations corresponding to the fundamental concepts. If a formula you need Is not given, you must derive It. If you cannot do some portion of a problem, Invent a symbol for the quantity you can't calculate (explain that you are doing this), and use It to do the rest of the problem. ~ Honor pledge ''In accordance with the Georgia Tech Honor Code, I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this test." Sign your name on the line above PROB.l _ PROB.2 _ PROB.3. _
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Problem 1 (32 pts) A point charge of -15 nC (-15 x 10- 9 C) is located at < 4, 3, -2> m. A second point charge of +7 nC is located at
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2212_Spring2008_Test1_key - PHYS 2212-Sections P and Q Test...

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