CC Paper1 - Jun-Hao Rosalyn Shih Contemporary Civilization...

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Jun-Hao Rosalyn Shih Contemporary Civilization Paper 1 Professor Shamus Khan Sepetember 18 th , 2008 The Inherent Contradiction of the Virtuous Lie Plato’s virtuous lie is a myth based on the illusion of equality and conflicting ideals of speciation, merged in a way designed to manipulate and control. The first story persuades all citizens that their entire upbringing was only a dream; in reality they were delivered into the world by their nurturing mother, the earth. This notion of common ancestry intends to stir all citizens with a sense of brotherhood and patriotism, so that if anyone were to attack their land, they would defend it as if it were their mother, and protect the other citizens as their “earthborn brothers” (414e). In a city-state where the nuclear family is dissolved, everyone is apparently united by the larger common family. In contrast, the second myth of the virtuous lie paradoxically reinforces the differences between the rulers, guardians and craftsmen that the first myth ignores. The second myth holds that every citizen has one of three types of metal mixed in with his soul. Those who are more equipped to rule are gold, “because they are most valuable”
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CC Paper1 - Jun-Hao Rosalyn Shih Contemporary Civilization...

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