9-18 lecture notes

9-18 lecture notes - drew conclusions about brain function...

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rastegar 516-482-0329 Synaptic cleft = synaptic gap Occipital Lobe - vision Frontal Lobe - decision, motor Parietal Lobe - sensory Temporal Lobe - auditory Linda Brain Surgery Video Myth: Only use 10% of our brain? Pierre Flourens: 1800s -equipotentiality - different parts serve similar functions - cortex, cerebellum, brain stem Karl Lashley: 1930s and 40s equipotentiality = even if part of brain is removed/damaged, another part can take over - rats with substantial brain lesions can relearn William James: we make use of only a small part of possible resources Evidence against this myth: PET Scans, Brain Injuries, Implications of Localization of Function, Evolution Localization of Brain Function: Language Early evidence for localization of function Broca and Wernicke - pioneers (late 1800s) observed unusual language behavior examined brain on autopsy
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Unformatted text preview: drew conclusions about brain function Broca's aphasia - nonfluent, lacks grammatical "connecting" words, can understand most speech Wernicke's aphasia - fluent lacks meaningful "content" words "word salad" cannot understand most speech FLOW OF INFO IN LANGUAGE Listening and Speaking Auditory cortex -> Wernicke's Area -> Broca's area -> Motor Strip -> Speech Reading Aloud Visual cortex -> Angular Gyrus (converts info to linguistic code) -> Wernicke's Area -> Broca's Area -> Motor Strip -> Speech Left hemisphere -language-Broca's area-Wernicke's area Right hemisphere-spatial reasoning Contralateral Control - right hemisphere controls left half, left hemisphere controls right half Corpus Callosum - communication between hemispheres Severed Corpus Callosum Video - Joe Drawings...
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9-18 lecture notes - drew conclusions about brain function...

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