9-20 psych notes

9-20 psych notes - 'sareaWernicke'sarea :splitbrainpatients...

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Left Hemisphere - language - Broca's area - Wernicke's area Right Hemisphere - spatial reasoning Contralateral control Corpus callosum - communication between hemispheres Evidence for localization of function: split brain patients Corpus Callosum severed - treatment for severe epilepsy - eliminates communication path between hemispheres Hemispheric Isolation - info transmitted to right brain stays in right brain - no language -info transmitted to left brain stays in left brain (with language) Importance of visual system organization visual field - what you can see right visual field with both eyes -> left hemisphere left visual field with both eyes -> right hemisphere split brain studies - stimulus briefly presented to one hemisphere - contralateral information transmission severed corpus callosum - no cross-hemispheric communication - what goes to right hemisphere stays in right hemisphere LATERALIZATION Left hemisphere - controls right side, sees right visual field,
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controls language Right hemisphere - controls left side, sees left visual field
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9-20 psych notes - 'sareaWernicke'sarea :splitbrainpatients...

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