Airport Delay

Airport Delay - a newsstory., .Beingableto ,ratherthanjust

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Analysis of a TV News Story a.) There is a strong relationship between the verbal and visual aspects of the news story. Many of the visuals enhance the story, rather than simply being redundant of what information has already been stated. Being able to actually see the events, rather than just hearing the verbal description of it, heightens the viewer’s interest in the story, and engages them more actively. Many examples of this can be found throughout the news story that was analyzed. When the anchor of the news story says, “For thousands of air travelers today was a scramble,” the visual shows a picture of disgruntled passengers talking on their cell phones in the busy airport. If there had been no visual to supplement the verbal, the viewer would have no idea exactly what kind of “scramble” these travelers were going through. However, being able to see a packed airport with people trying to make alternative plans on their cell phones deepens our understanding of the situation. Also, there are several interviews with frustrated passengers waiting for their flights. If we had only gotten the audio of these clips, we would be able to comprehend that indeed these passengers were frustrated and angry. However by seeing the visual of these people, we are able to see that they are frustrated, tired, and angry. By seeing these people visually, we feel more emotionally connected to the story, and are able to understand their problem on a deeper
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level. Another example of the strong relationship between the verbal and the visual comes near the end of the clip when the announcer says, “…but for travelers it often means fewer choices and more hassles, and more chaos when things go wrong.” The visuals that are shown at this point are airline passengers waiting in long lines, and a close up of a cancellation board at the airport. Without these visuals we may have never known exactly what kind of “hassles” and “chaos” these passengers were going through. However,
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Airport Delay - a newsstory., .Beingableto ,ratherthanjust

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