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COMM 201 The Guido - Marie DiDominica Communications 201...

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Marie DiDominica Communications 201 Professor Berggren Informative Outline September 15, 2008 Title: The Legend of the Italian Stallion: The Long Island Guido General Subject: The guido. Specific Subject: An overview of the emergence as well as the spread of the Guido culture throughout the Tri-State area, along with the characteristics and origins of the guido. Purpose: To inform my audience of how the guido has come to be as well as the many different aspects and characteristics of the guido culture. Main Idea: I. Although the term guido is most commonly used as a slang term, its origins and meanings stretch far beyond those of common understanding. II. The physical characteristics of a guido are unmistakable to even the untrained eye. III. Long Island, with its growing sense vanity, materialism, and attitude, has become a hub for those of the guido culture to migrate to, but why exactly are they coming to The Island? Central Idea: Guidos, although consistently met with disapproval, have an interesting culture that is all their own. The physical and social characteristics they possess are both unmistakable and many, allowing for a great deal of interpretations of what a guido truly is. More over, the idiosyncrasies and original rituals of the guido culture, although extremely questionable at times, are ones that allow for the continued growth of guidos on Long Island. Introduction: Imagine yourself just getting out of work, and arriving at a local bar in your home town of Lynbrook, Long Island. As you start to enjoy your second drink, in they walk, or should I strut? A group of 7 or 8 men who actually look a little ridiculous because every single one of them has a shirt unbuttoned to his belly button, and is fresh- off-the-Florida-beach tan. And did I mention that it is January? As a bonus, they are walking in a pack directly towards you. Your heart is pounding, their fists are pumping, and you’re wondering three things: Who are these men? Why are they almost sprinting to the bar? And what is on top of their heads? These mysterious creatures who have emerged from the suburban streets of Long Island are the Guidos, and not to worry their sole purpose for power walking to the bar is to order some rounds of “Yagga-Bombs”. And that structure on top of their heads is actually their hair. However, these men, although seemingly having a predictable and dull history, actually have a very interesting, and somewhat complex culture all of their own for numerous reasons. For one, the term
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“guido” has both origins and meanings that stretch far beyond society’s general understanding of this commonly used slang word. Additionally, guidos with their unique style of dress and social demeanor, make themselves distinctive to those around them either repelling, or attracting those around them to their life, which in essence is one of the main causes of the great population density of guidos on Long Island.
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COMM 201 The Guido - Marie DiDominica Communications 201...

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