Reflections on Racism

Reflections on Racism - merely means the feeling of...

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Lauren Greene Parent, School and Community Relations EDU 3322-02 Instructor: Fran Bates Oates, BA, MA, ED.S Reflections on Racism If we are honest, most of us are racist to some extent. Racism/prejudice is a very complex subject, and racism can come in many forms. There is racism against Native Americans, Jews, Arabs and Middle Easterners, African American. ! I feel that a lot of our race problem is more of a cultural than a skin-tone problem.If racism
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Unformatted text preview: merely means the feeling of superiority of one race over another, then I'd say anyone who feels that one race is superior to another can be a racist. We look down on people who were raised different than us. It is a sad mindset for anyone to drift into but if we are not careful we can all find ourselves there. I have learned in this class that we are all different and our differences should be a celebration....
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