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Study Guide Prelim 1 - Betsy Distelburger PL BIO 240 Prelim...

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Betsy Distelburger 10/1/08 PL BIO 240 Review Prelim 1 Study Guide Key Terms: Genetic Engineering-transfer of genetic information to an organism to introduce a heritable trait Prokaryote-“simplest” form of life, bacteria, cyanobacteria, lack complexity, cell wall, cytoplasm, nucleoid, plasma membrane Eukaryote-more organized, organelles, Organelles-membrane bound structures (nucleus, chloroplast, mitochondria) Differentiation-development of a cell into a specific cell type Totipotency-all cells contain the same genetic information Mitosis-as cells divide, chromosomes are assed on to daughter cells Genotype-genetic material of an organism Phenotype-physical appearance of an organism-physical traits Meiosis-process by which cells divide to form gametes Gametes-sperm and egg cells Genes-region of the chromosome which carries the information of one trait DNA-Deoxyribonucleic Acid-chemical structure of a gene Purines-Adenine and Guanine Pyramdines-Cytosine and Thymine Base pairing-sequence of bases down strands-key information for coding proteins RNA-Ribonucleic Acid-different sugar, one different base mRNA-messenger RNA-carries information from DNA to cytoplasm for translation Semi-conservative-when DNA is replicated one of the 2 mother strands is
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This note was uploaded on 10/20/2008 for the course PL BIO 240 taught by Professor Silva during the Fall '08 term at Cornell.

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Study Guide Prelim 1 - Betsy Distelburger PL BIO 240 Prelim...

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