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Sheet1 Page 1 1. SELECT customernum, customername FROM Customer 2. SELECT * FROM Part 3. SELECT customernum, customername FROM customer WHERE repnum = '35' 4. SELECT customernum, customername FROM customer WHERE repnum = '35' AND creditlimit = 10000 5. SELECT customernum, customername FROM customer WHERE repnum = '35' OR creditlimit = 10000 6. SELECT customer.customernum, orders.orderdate, orders.ordernum, customername FROM customer inner join orders on customer.customernum = orders.customernum 7. SELECT customernum, customername, rep.repnum, lastname, firstname FROM customer,rep WHERE customer.repnum = rep.repnum AND lastname = 'Perez' AND firstname = 'Juan' 8. SELECT COUNT(*) AS OrderCount FROM orders WHERE orderdate = #10/20/2010#
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Unformatted text preview: 9. SELECT SUM(balance) as BalanceTotal FROM customer WHERE repnum = '35' 10. SELECT partnum, description, (OnHand * Price) AS InventoryTotal FROM Part WHERE Class = 'HW' 11. SELECT * FROM Part ORDER BY Description 12. SELECT PartNum, Description, OnHand, Class, Warehouse, Price FROM part ORDER BY class, PartNum 13. SELECT class, SUM(onhand) FROM part GROUP BY class 14. SELECT PartNum, Description, OnHand, WareHouse, Price INTO SportingGoods FROM part WHERE class = 'SG' 15. UPDATE SportingGoods SET Description = 'Fitness Gym' WHERE PartNum = 'BV06' 16. DELETE FROM SportingGoods WHERE Price > 1000...
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