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Oct. 6-8, 2008 1. Sū Qín h (Warring States rhetorician and statesman; legendary inventor of the “vertical alliance” concept) 2. Luò h (capital of the Zhōu royal domain; loc. modern-day Luòyáng h ) 3. Sū Dài h , Sū Lì h (younger brothers of Sū Qín) 4. Zhōu Xi nwáng ǎ ǐ King Xi n of Zhōu ǎ (r. 367 – 320 BCE ) 5. Shāng Yāng h 6. Qín Xiào-gōng h Lord Xiào of Qín (r. 361 – 338 BCE ) 7. Qín Huìwén Wáng h King Huìwén of Qín (r. 337 – 311 BCE ; title “king” assumed in 325) 8. cì g xuán liáng ǔ h (“stab-thigh-suspend [head from]-rafter”) 9. The Secret Talisman by Jiāng Tàigōng h
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