Sept.15-17 - Chinese 252 Names & Terms Sept. 15 17,...

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Unformatted text preview: Chinese 252 Names & Terms Sept. 15 17, 2008 (Lord M of Qn; a.k.a. Prince Rn Ho 1. Qn Mgng h 2. Bi-l X h 3. Jin Sh h 4. Lady D h 5. "Hung Nio" ) ("Yellow Bird"; poem #278 in Shjng) ) ) 6. "the bird's first cry astounds the world" (y mng jng rn h 7. "inquiring about the vessels in the central plain" (wn dng zhng yun h 8. "the feast without headpiece pins" 9. the battle of B h (597 BCE) (King Chng of Ch) 10. Ch Chngwng 11. Z Wn 12. Ch Mwng 13. Ch Zhungwng 14. Shn Wwi h 15. Wngsn Mn 16. X J 17. Tng Jio h 18. w h , zh h , g h (King M of Ch) (King Zhung of Ch) ("the lady of the clan of J who was from X") ...
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